Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crafts/ Presents

I've been busy knitting and crocheting this year again for Christmas gifts. I am thinking that the people these are for don't check my blog so it's no big deal that I am posting this before I give them out. I figure I never post and so I should when the mood strikes.

I made two scarf and headband ensembles with flowers to give away. I hope the recipients like them! I got the idea for the headband from Anthropolgie but I can't find it online anymore. They must have been popular! The basic pattern for the headband was in the Nov issue of Martha Stewart Mag. The scarfs are simply knit every row and then attached at the ends so they are continuous.
The two button necklaces are mine, not gifts. I made them with my mom over Christmas last year. We followed Martha's directions and used glue but some of the buttons fell off. Martha! So I did a little maintenance on them and here they are afresh. Can't wait to wear them!

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Marilyn said...

OMG they turned out fab. I have a pic of the Anthropology one if you want it but yours is every bit as good. Love Love