Saturday, September 18, 2010


I made two pillow cases for the couch. Our couch has seen better days but we can't really complain since we only paid $100 for it. The back pillows are all smashed and it is broken on the one side where Adam "falls" into it everyday. We contemplated getting a new one but we cannot decided and therefore decided not to get one. I might eliminate the white back pillow all together and make more of the square ones but I will have to be really motivated.

In other news, I have been painting! It started with a project at a girls night a couple months ago. It was a good start but I really got the "bug" when we went back to Michigan. My mom has been painting a lot and I was inspired. While there I made this hydrangea.

This was the one I did at the girls night. It looked a lot different that night. After coming back from Michigan I doctored it up quite a bit. I think I am happy with it now.

I'm not quite sure about the arraignment or about the "23." But the beauty of paint is that I can just paint over it!


Marilyn said...

the paintings look wonderful. Being creative is such good therapy. good for you.

Michelle said...

Love the paintings! I have thought about doing painting as well - but it would be very abstract because I doubt if I could paint a recognizable flower.
Question- where's the kitty? Did you keep it?